FXMasterBot Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is FXMasterBot?

FXMasterBot is a free online software for forex and cryptocurrency trading. We connect you to brokers available for your country and help you easily trade with these brokers by providing you with our world-class automated signals.

2. How does FXMasterBot work?

With FXMasterBot, you can choose which broker you prefer to trade with from the ones we have available. Once you make an initial deposit with one of these brokers, our system will fully unlock and you will start receiving our automated signals. Feel free to adjust your settings to your preferred strategy and begin your trades!

3. What is the minimum deposit?

The minimum deposit for all brokers is 250$.

4. Can I autotrade with FXMasterBot?

FXMasterBot offers manual trading with automatically generated signals. Regulators have decided that, in order to ensure that customers are protected from software that would often place high risk trades in their name and thus, resulted in them losing all their money, traders need to be the ones placing the trade. Now, since our user’s safety is our top priority, our dedicated team has created an easy-to-use, signals software where traders can simply copy signals directly to the brokers’ platform. No matter your experience, FXMasterBot is the ultimate trading solution for everyone.

5. Does FXMasterBot have a demo account?

Our software does not offer a demo account, but some of our brokers do.

6. Is FXMasterBot compatible with my current broker?

No. To use FXMasterBot, you will need to register and choose a broker from the ones we have available.

7. Why am I not allowed to register?

There could be two reasons that explain this. We either do not have a broker currently available for your country (which you will see in the error message) or you are using an email that has been used before with one of our brokers. If it is the latter, simply register with FXMasterBot using a different email.

8. Is FXMasterBot safe?

Our user’s safety is a top priority for FXMasterBot. We offer licensed brokers and make sure to always update our software to be more in line with recent regulations that ensure trader’s safety.


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