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More options, more features, more opportunities. The higher the level of software you use, the more complex your strategies can be. And the more the trading world is your oyster.

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No need to risk your own money till you’re ready. Try the demo mode to simulate trades as you get to grips with the FXMasterBot and how it all works.

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Start at the most basic level with just the simplest assets. As you go up the levels, the more assets will be available to you to trade.

The FXMasterBot allows YOU to become a Master

Trading the markets has never been easier. No need for internships at trading houses, long lunches with traders or Degrees in Finance. Your new best friend when it comes to playing the markets is called the FXMasterBot.

‘FX’ because it’s foreign exchanges you’ll mostly be trading in, ‘Master’ because it’s been developed to accumulate knowledge and do all the hard work for you and, ‘Bot’ because that’s exactly what it is. A robot programmed to help you make profits by trading with everything made as simple as possible for you.

You start your journey at Novice Level by making a deposit with the forex broker of your choice . Choose between the various FX trading options. Use the different settings available to you to approve trades, go into ‘auto trading’ mode, set limits on profits and losses and decide in advance the minimum or maximum number of trades you want to execute in a day.

As your knowledge and confidence increases when it comes to trading, you can upgrade first to Expert, then Master Level. The higher up you go, the more settings become available and the more complex your trading strategies can become, meaning you’ll enjoy the challenge of testing yourself with more options at your fingertips. Soon the Master…will be you.


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Live Trading

According to the second instalment of the movie Wall Street, money never sleeps. That’s because the different major financial markets around the world operate almost around the clock and the number of assets you can trade in is almost unlimited.

The thrill, excitement and unlimited earning potential of Live Trading does however come with a warning: make sure you understand how it all works. Or not. The FXMasterBot has been specially designed to make sure that whatever level of trading you’re at, it will provide you with all the tools necessary to ensure you feel comfortable before taking part in Live Trading.

So if you’re at Novice Level, you can rely on simple trading signals provided by our team of experts and either manually or automatically approve the trades.

Once you get to Expert or Master Level, you’ll be armed with more advanced settings, an unlimited number of daily trades and an improved level of Customer Service that allows you to take your trading destiny into your own hands.

  • Demo version allows you to simulate trades.
  • Use more trading settings as you become more experienced.
  • Software is free to use when you deposit with a broker.
  • No downloads needed, software is web-based.
  • Use different settings to be in full control of your trading.
  • Choose the level of complexity that’s right for you.
  • Win monthly cash prizes by topping the leaderboards.
  • Top class customer experience to help you along the way.
  • Enjoy VIP Support at Master Level.

No. 1 Auto Trading Software

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Multiple depositing methods available to you to choose from that are 100% secure. Such as MasterCard, Visa and other credit cards, amongst others. The safety of your money is of paramount importance to us.

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You don’t have to be a pro to use FXMasterBot software. Our team of experts developed a trading algorithm that follows the market 24/7 so you don’t have to. The FXMasterBot algorithm will deliver trading signals directly to the trading dashboard so you can trade them automatically or manually.

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Get a second bite of the cherry thanks to our Leaderboard. A successful month of trading can see you climb up our Leaderboard and be rewarded with cash prizes paid straight into your trading account, in addition to the profits you already secured. Leaderboard is reset every month.

Mobile Icon Trade on Mobile

As long as you have a smartphone, the FXMasterBot is always by your side. Don’t miss out on any opportunities just because you’re out and about. Trade from your phone the same way you would if you sat in front of your computer at home or in the office.

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Even Wall Street’s Gordon Gekko wasn’t born a trading expert. So it’s a good thing that we’re here to help you every step of the way. To start your trading journey, just make a deposit with one of our trustworthy brokers.

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